Sue Palmer at First Class Mortages has retired.

Thanks for thinking of me & checking my website. It’s been a while & I thought you’d appreciate knowing that I have taken early retirement.

First Class MortagesI want you to know that I could never leave my clients without having a good replacement for you.  Ted Jones is the man to call @ 1-888-574-2258. I’ve known Ted since the ‘90’s when I started in the business. Ted was working as a Business Development Manager at the time & he treated me so well that I wanted to work with him.  That’s when I starting learning about Scotiabank mortgages. Through the years Ted & I have crossed paths & now here we are . . . he’s still working & I’m retired.

Ted is a full time mortgage broker with his own company, Bayfield IslandPro Mortgage. He’s got a ton of energy, very savvy about the best mortgage rates & how to save you money now & in the future. You should give him a call @ 1-888-574-2258 or email him

I started in this business in 1995. It’s been fun. . .This is a young person’s business & it’s time to let the young people take over & look after you. I appreciate your business & the most important for me was all the great relationships over the years.

Thank you. Sue Palmer

Here’s a word or two from Ted . . .

Ted Jones Mortgage BrokerI am envious and have to congratulate Sue on her retirement!  I am looking forward to assisting all of Sue’s former clients with handling their existing and new mortgage needs. 

I have been involved in the financial industry for over 38 years!  I have been a Branch Manager with National Trust and Scotiabank before I became a Business Development Manager responsible for Mortgage Brokers in British Columbia.  For the past 9 years I have owned and operated Bayfield IslandPro Mortgage, a division of IslandPro Mortgage Corp. 

In addition to being a Mortgage Broker, I have also worked as a Personal Financial Planner and rely heavily upon these skills to assist clients in making the best possible financial decision when arranging a mortgage.  It is important to analyze not only the interest rate offered but also what your financial and retirement goals are in order to design the best possible financial solution!

I look forward to providing you with the same excellent, personalized service and advice that Sue has provided you over the past 20 years!! 

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